NUOVA EDIL COSTRUZIONI was founded in 1986 on the basis of the experience of Francesco Lo Monaco’s Building Company. It developed soon both in terms of business volume and know-how, so much so that today it is able to realize at best any civil engineering work, from residential to commercial construction, from industrial to tertiary, religious, service.
NUOVA EDIL COSTRUZIONI operates in the private sector both on the development of its own projects and on behalf of third parties. At the company head are the two founding members, Geom. Filippo Lo Monaco and Geom. Davide Bisconti, assisted internally by a group of professionals including technicians, workforce, highly skilled employees and managers who make use of equipment, means and plants suitable for the realization of high quality work. The company also makes use of the advice of professionals of recognized value, who are entrusted with the planning and project management phases.
THE STAFF The General Management is made up of the members directors, Geom.Filippo Lo Monaco and Geom. Davide Bisconti.
The person with direct dependency is composed of:
  • Head of the Purchasing Department
  • Personal Office Manager
  • Office Accountants  and Finance Accountants
  • Worker Safety Manager
  • Capricantry surveyors
  • Assistants and foremen
  • Carpenters and specialized masons
  • Warehouse manager and driver
  • Secretariat