Cottage on the ground floor with private entrance. Double exposure, north and south. This housing solution is arranged on three levels. The ground floor with a large living area, a spacious kitchen and one bathroom. Private garden of property with direct access from the street. On the first floor there is the sleeping area with three bedrooms and one bathroom. All rooms have direct access onto a completely covered terrace. The third level consists of an open space attic. Finally completes the house a double garage directly connected to the ground floor.
Apartment equipped with heating and cooling system with ceiling panels. The temperature control is autonomous for each room, which has a dedicated thermostat inside it. Air recirculation, motorized darkening dehumidification system, suspended sanitary fittings and color video intercoms are other characteristics of the apartment. The building in energy class A is equipped with a geothermal system that exploits the heat of the subsoil and photovoltaic system for the production of electricity The customer has the ability to customize the interior finishes choosing from a wide range of products of primary brand.

N° apartment: Apartment C0.s
Ref. type: Cottage
Mq. apartment: 139,00
Mq. terrace: 24,00
Mq. attic: 62,00
Mq. attic terrace: 24,00
Mq. garden: 118,00