two rooms flat with double exposure, south and east, on the first floor with adjoining local accessory on the ground floor and perimeter garden.
Apartment equipped with heating and cooling system with radiant floor panels. The temperature control is autonomous for each room, which has a dedicated thermostat inside it. Mechanical ventilation, motorized blinds, suspended sanitary fittings and color video intercoms are other characteristics of the apartment. The building in energy class A is equipped with solar panels for the production of domestic hot water. The customer can customize interior finishes choosing from a wide range of primary brand products.

N° apartment: Apartment 2
Rif. type: Duplex
Mq. apartment: 46,00
Mq. terrace: 17,50
Mq. accessory: 45,50
Mq. accessory terrace: 20,00
Mq. garden: 49,00